New Domain and Selling ThinkPads

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I’ve redirected all traffic from to, my new domain. This also means that my email has moved to I think having a boomer-friendly tld will help me share my contact info. Don’t get me wrong: XYZs are great, but having this conversation with new acquaintances:

My email is “blah blah blah dot xyz


Yeah, like the math variables

feels weird every time. Sometimes, the popular choice is the right one.

On another note, I’ve started using the T14s my university gave me for free a couple years ago that I hadn’t been using because of “muh freedumbs.” I’m kinda over that stage and think that it’s time to let someone else have my old ThinkPads. They’re librebooted with docks, keys, and power adapters. When I’m ready, I’ll put them on eBay.

P.S. Just for fun, I switched to Fedora with Gnome after having used Artix/Void with DWM for three years and it’s genuinely enjoyable. I’ve been able to get all of my Super+… binds and Caps to Esc/Ctrl to work, so I recommend it.