Keep the Mass in Christmas

Tag: Christianity

I’m sure you’ve seen one of these signs out on a lawn somewhere:

It reads Keep Christ in Christmas and it’s a mini protest against the over-commercialization of what should be the reverent celebration of the most important Christian feast after Easter.

Obviously every Christian should fight to keep the context of the holiday, but we need to ask ourselves the question: are we losing the context because of America’s free market economy or is it because we’re doing a poor job celebrating Christmas? More poignantly: are we personally and liturgically welcoming the King of kings into the world?

If we don’t do Christmas — attend Church, feed the hungry, give gifts to our loved ones, and decorate our homes — then of course we’ll lose the holiday’s context: the nativity of Jesus Christ. It’s our participation in the life of the Church that keeps Christ in Christmas.

So, this is your reminder to keep the Mass in Christmas! Go to Church, take communion, and feast to celebrate the New-Born King’s nativity.