Friendship With Void Linux Over

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Friendship with Void Linux over! Artix Linux is my new best friend!

I’ve been running with Void Linux for just around two years now and, overall, it’s been pretty alright. The lack of some necessary packages and an AUR equivalent haven’t bothered me until recently. I’d still argue that XBPS is one of the best package managers around (better in some ways even than pacman), but what pushed me over the edge was the kernel: Void’s small dev team has only been able to maintain a stable release of Linux 5.15. Although a 5.18 kernel is available in the main repo, it’s unstable and a recent update gave me a kernel panic.

Given that I’ve recommended family members and friends start with Artix for a little over a year now and that I needed a live iso to fix the kernel, I’m thinking about popping a clean install of Artix onto my laptop in the near future. Articles soyfacing over why Artix is the best are a dime a dozen and I won’t bore you with recycled details, but I can say that it’ll probably crash less frequently than my Void install, its kernel is up-to-date, and it Just Werks™.