First Snow!

Tag: Updates

Finally some actual snow! It was like 15° out during my walk to campus this morning, but it was definitely worth it for some real winter scenery.

Finals are coming up for us here, but soon the semester will be over and I’ll get a chance to catch up with my friends back home. We’re gonna get some rock climbing and church time in, so it should be a great break.

I’ve gotten back into using my librebooted x220 after using my school-provided t14s for a few months and it’s astonishing how much faster the older hardware is with minimal soft/firmware compared to something 10 years newer. As I’m writing this, the Monero blockchain is still downloading (going on day 3), but soon I should be able to take in XMR. I’m thinking about porting my number over to in the near future and I’ll fund it with that.

In other news, I met my Metropolitan at vespers a few weeks ago. Serving with him was wonderful and afterwards he spoke about the archdiocese and patriarchate before opening the floor for us to ask him questions. He is a very sweet man and I recommend meeting him if you can.

I hope everyone’s Advent fast has been productive and that everyone enjoyed the feast of St. Nicholas. Happy Holidays!