Artisanal Webpages

[Artisans at work]

Even when using a metasearch engine like SearXNG, you’ve probably noticed that search engines have become increasingly unhelpful. Results are generally curated social media posts or algorithmically assembled garbage. In the past month, I’ve had trouble figuring out how to epoxy fiberglass hulls and portion out marine AB foam because these horrible results saturate search engine data.

So what’s the solution? Artisinal webpages. Namely, webpages put together by living and breathing humans interconnected by webrings or by smaller search engines like Wiby. Ideally, every tech literate person would host a handful of sites dedicated to their personal projects and topics of interest.

So if you host a website, consider hosting helpful material or at least linking your site to others. There are plenty of well-trafficked webrings out there and protocols like 🧭 discover to help increase the discoverability of your artisanal site.